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Aschatria - portfolio and activity website


Aschatria is a group of individuals and an administrator group for Pranz.Eu, acting as a single anonymous online entity since 2010.
Our activities include networking, programming, repairs, technology, knowledge, blogging and content creation, humor and creative writing, HIVE blockchain, and videos.
We are dedicated to the refinement of internet culture, freedom of speech, and internet security and support the core ideas of decentralization, blockchain and solarpunk.

Table of contest - Portfolio

Pranz education and entertainment website
Commenting and interaction
Blogging and content
Videos, YouTube … etc
Ko-Fi - creative
Splinterlands gaming platform

Don't become part of an issue vesting time, energy and resources into a problem - TRANSCEND IT.

This is an activity and portfolio website, with links to external websites, central blog on Pranz, and social media activity.


The main portfolio platform, GitHub, hosts my websites and lets me follow developers and organize my folders and codes.

Pranz - education and entertainment website

Pranz is a content website we are working on. The previous version of Pranz offered educational content submission and reward sharing for crypto-bloggers. There are more than just blogging and cryptocurrency, so we revamped it.

Commenting and interaction

Aschatria is occasionally active on Mastodon instances, Discord and Reddit.

  • Mastodon is an Open Source self-hosting platform for microblogging and communication.
  • Discord is a chat app, social messaging platform alternative to Slack, where users can join other servers or make their own servers and socialize.
  • Reddit is a USA-based, social news aggregation, rating, and discussion website.

Blogging and content

Aschatria participates in numerous blogging websites, but the Hive.Io Leofinance and Splintertalk are the favorites.

HiveIo is a community-driven open-source blockchain with preinstalled encryption and reward distribution.

An each app has a specifit theme:

  • Leofinance - finance and self-improvement,
  • Splintertalk - Splinterlands gamings,


Aschatria uploads videos from time to time on YouTube and the decentralized alternative 3SpeakTV.

3SpeakTV is a free-speach censorship resistant video upload and streaming platform, where content creators directly own their online assets, and it is a better solution if you are new users who is looking for a great way to instantly monetized content without much hassle or waiting.

Ko-Fi profile

Besides social media and blogs, Ko-Fi is a premium service where we intend to host the creative work.

Ko-Fi is a Patreon alternative that organizes crowdfunding around creators from various niches - art, music, technology, and videos. Creators get supported by fans and sponsors with zero platform fees for the things they love to create.

Splinterlands gaming platform

Splinterlands is a online strategy and collectible semi-automatic card game, which is using blockchain technology.


Croatia, Europe
(UTC +01:00)


GitHub profile
Ko-Fi creative
Splinterlands gaming